The Shortcut to Starting Your Own Lucrative Jewelry Business

I’m giving you the exact business model and proven strategies that made me a millionaire in my 20s

Jewelers Make Obscene Amounts of Profit

Jewelry is the best type of product to sell online. It has one of the highest profit margins in all of retail. Most jewelry items do not have UPC codes or model numbers so it is difficult for people to compare prices. Plus, jewelry buyers are not exactly bargain hunters anyway. Established brands can get away with obscene markups. Because jewelry has a learning curve, people still rely on jewelers for advice and guidance as well. This means stable profits in this industry now and well into the future. In my opinion, jewelry is the best retail business to be in, but it also has one of the highest barriers of entry. I’m going to dispel the myths and show a clear path to starting a jewelry business quickly.

I started my business as a high school kid working from my bedroom. I have since generated millions of dollars in sales.

My name is Danny Tsang. I now own four jewelry brands with online-only sales. I also have an appointment-only showroom in San Francisco selling higher ticket items to my private jeweler clientele. I run my business primarily from home, with an average of 1-2 hours a day on routine operations. Below is a screen shot of the website back-end for just 1 of my 4 brands.

how to become a jeweler

As my business grew, I began to outsource and remove myself from the daily operations so I can focus on other ventures and spend time with loved ones. In 2015, I launched a new company that helps other people start businesses of their own. Later that year, I authored a book (sold in all major book stores) and started a blog called Seven Figure Life.

On the blog and in my book, I wrote about starting online businesses. Having launched over a dozen online ventures, I have experience and knowledge in various industries, but naturally jewelry is my specialty. Because of that, readers began to ask me how to get into the jewelry business specifically. Thus, this website was born with a mission to help a small group of motivated entrepreneurs start a jewelry business from someone who has done it.

Start Your Jewelry Business Without Stocking Inventory

How to Become a Jeweler

The Traditional Route

For generations, the common path to becoming a jeweler was one of 2 ways:

  • It’s passed down. You have to be born into the family business. The inventory, money, training would all be there for you on a silver platter. Unfortunately, most of us do not have that privilege.


  • You have to be well connected with insiders who are already in the business. This gives you access to good suppliers, credit and capital.

The Industry’s Route

If you’re not born into the business or at least connected with insiders, the jewelry industry would tell you this is how you become a jeweler:

  • Take expensive courses that cost thousands of dollars and years to master. You commit time, money and get into debt before you even make your first dollar.


  • Work as an employee for someone else for many years while you gain experience, connections, and save up enough cash to start your own jewelry business. Basically you will be spending many years of your life making someone else rich instead of growing your own business during that same time.

I Created my Own Route

If you notice, there is a pattern with the traditional route and the industry’s route to starting a jewelry business. You have to be connected or you need a lot of capital.

Guess what? You don’t need either

Technology, creativity, and persistence changes everything. I started my business as a sophomore in high school with a few hundred dollars. I was not born into the business and I didn’t know a single person in the industry. I was selling cheap fashion watches on a folding table in San Francisco’s mission district. Then a friend of mine helped me build my first website and the rest is history. You don’t need a storefront, expensive inventory, or complex technical skills to make money in this digital gold rush.

I invested over 12 years into networking and learning the ins and outs of the business. I’ve literally traveled the world for this business. I am your insider. I will show you how to launch a jewelry business in weeks. The total upfront investment can be as low as a few hundred dollars. I teach a low risk – high reward business model packed with proven strategies. I have done millions of dollars in sales as a solo entrepreneur with these same strategies. There is no other business that I know of that can offer so much potential with so little upfront capital.


The Only Course that Shows You:

My Exclusive Strategies

How I started my business for under $500 and ramped it up at the right time to generate millions of dollars in worldwide sales.

I show you how to get into business in a position of low risk and high reward.

My Trusted Suppliers

The hardest part about the business is finding reliable suppliers.

I share the best of my very own suppliers that I’ve found over a 10+ year journey and show you where to find dozens more like them.

No Technical Skills or Industry Knowledge Required

I share with you how to build your business and grow it without any website experience or specialized knowledge.

My course is designed so anyone can do it.

Overview of the Course
  • You will learn about the various roles/jobs within the jewelry industry as well as what it costs and takes to pursue them as a career choice.
  • You will learn my exclusive business model and how it by-passes the time, money and educational requirements of the traditional jewelry roles. My model is much lower cost, with a higher profit potential than most jewelry industry careers. It is exactly how I started and grew my business.
  • You will learn how to start your own jewelry company and establish your own brand without spending thousands on traditional legal fees to trademark it.
  • You will learn how to quickly build a beautiful and professional website without spending thousands for programmers or designers. I’ll show you how to maintain your selling machine at a very low cost as well, so you can focus on marketing.
  • I teach you how to promote your website and grow your sales and customer base at the lowest costs possible. These are proven out-of-the-box marketing strategies derived from a decade plus of experience.
  • I show you how to build a zero-upfront-cost sales team who will promote your items to thousands of people.
  • I show you how to source products the smart way and tell you which are most profitable. I’ll unveil to you the best of my own trusted suppliers and show you where to find dozens more.
  • Learn THE wholesale source for diamonds that the industry does not want the public to know about. This is where the majority of jewelry stores buy from. I explain how you can sell diamonds online without having to stock them! Many top diamond retailers operate this way. This is just one of many trade secrets exposed in the guide.
  • You will learn what steps to take as your business grows. I’ll show you how to analyze your sales data to pinpoint areas where you can maximize and increase your profits from existing sales.
  • I explain how to create your own line of jewelry and the best way to get it into stores. You’ll learn various ways to generate additional streams of income as your business grows.
  • I show you how I sell high end diamond jewelry locally with a fraction of the investment that most other stores put up. You’ll learn how to build a steady local clientele that potentially bring thousands in additional income outside of online sales. Learn how private jewelers make big money using the same type of side business.
  • I show you how to be known as an expert and become recognized by the GIA without having to spend $10,000+ for one of their elite educational programs.
  • I teach you everything you need to know about gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones and engagement rings. No prior knowledge required. By the time you’re done, you will know more about jewelry than the vast majority of the population.
  • I share all the tips and tricks with jewelry photography. You’ll be shooting jewelry, one of the most difficult types of items to photograph, like a pro.
  • I share countless resources, recommendations, apps, techniques and strategies for every aspect of your business. This priceless information can only be picked up with years of trial and error. I have done that part for you.
  • I provide a complete business timeline with step by step instructions on what you should be doing from week 1 to 3-5 years out. This isn’t a get rich quick “system”, this is a long term business plan that shows you what to do from startup, to growth and expansion.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get

When you purchase this course, you’re not just getting exclusive information and insider knowledge. You’re receiving a highly detailed blueprint for success in the jewelry business. It’s a step by step proven formula to help you start your business with minimal investment and grow it to big sales numbers like what I have done. How else can you spend as little as a few hundred dollars to start a business with that much potential?

I worked on this one-of-a-kind course for over 10 months and packed it with 190+ pages of experience and connections. There is a wealth of information packed into this. I hold nothing back so that you can replicate my business model and hopefully one day surpass my success.

Get Started Today

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60-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Take a full 60 days to go through the course. See why my proven strategies work and how my timeline offers the quickest route to your first sale. If for ANY reason you feel it’s not for you, just let me know and I will refund you immediately. I don’t want you spending money on something that you won’t put to use.

Have a question about the course? Send me an email below.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Start a Real Business?

Chances are you’ve seen websites similar to this, offering some e-book or system that claims to make you money online. The person claims to be making a lot of money, but it’s never really clear what they actually do and what they actually sell. Look, those websites are made by individuals who just sell re-hashed generic info. Either that or they are simply promoting a company’s money-making “system” and the only way you make money is to resell that same “system” to others. They are basically recruiters. Those are not long term sustainable businesses.

What my course teaches is a how to launch a real world business in an industry that continues to grow. It’s not easy. It takes real effort. It takes sacrifice. In the beginning, my friends would go out and party, but I stayed in and worked my butt off. Remember, I started in your same position as an industry newbie without much capital to invest. If you follow the course and you are dedicated and persistent, you too can build a legitimate, profitable company. There is only one secret to this business, and that is that you have to truly want it.

Do what others don’t, so in the future you can live how others can’t.DWT

Reap The Rewards

I want to inspire and motivate you, so let me share with you a bit of my lifestyle. Yes the money is great and I have all the material things I want, but those things get old. What I appreciate more are the intangibles. I’ve never had a 9-5 ever thanks to my jewelry business. No alarm clock. I don’t have a boss or co-workers to answer to. I don’t have to call in sick. I don’t have to compete for vacation dates or worry about getting laid off. My wife doesn’t have to work. We get to hang out with our child every single day. We never miss a moment with loved ones. We do whatever we want at any time we want.

This business model allows me to work from anywhere. I’m not tied down to an office. I’m usually working at home, or at local places with the best views. I’ve “worked” while onboard cruise ships and in hotel suites around the world. I’ve “worked” at beaches up and down California. This is what life is all about. It’s not just about money. It is about having time and freedom as well. Those intangible things are what this business provides me with. To me, they are priceless.

Aside from personal gains, my business has allowed me to spoil those around me as well. For me, that’s the most rewarding part. I treat my family to vacations and high end meals. Every member of my immediate family and even my in-laws all wear Rolex watches that I bought for them. Frankly, I’m proud of saying that because they deserve the very best. Below are a few more proud moments, all thanks to this business.

My dad had back pains from driving a city bus for over 20 years. He worked hard but never owned a luxury car or nice things. This brand new Lexus was my surprise gift for him on his 60th birthday.

Caribbean vacation I treated my parents and in-laws to. These are the most selfless people. It is befitting that they are occasionally rewarded for their sacrifices and dedication to their kids.

The benz coupe was a Valentine’s Day gift to my wife one year and the custom spec’d Porsche SUV was my surprise bday gift for her when she was pregnant. Our kid loves riding in it!

How would a second stream of income change your life?

Do you have loans? credit card bills? Expensive insurance premiums? The fact is that life is more expensive than ever before. We’re told to simply go to school where everyone learns the same thing, accumulate all this debt, then get a job to pay off that debt. But with the cost of housing, food and health care continually rising, depending on a single income is like running on a hamster wheel. You’ll never get ahead that way.

Enjoy increased financial security with this low-risk side business that you can grow at your own pace. How much time you want to put in is entirely up to you. You can shoot for the stars or just build a nice steady income to supplement your current job. The beauty about owning a jewelry business is that the revenue tends to grow with time as your customer base grows. The sooner you start, the sooner you reap the benefits. Don’t hesitate. Create the lifestyle you want starting today.

Don't Delay. Start Now

Days will turn into weeks, weeks become months. Desire without action is as good as worthless. Action is what separates doers from dreamers and entrepreneurs from wantrepreneurs. Start now and build the business and lifestyle that you deserve.

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